a freelance developer & designer

I'm not the one in the photo but blue is essential

Always look for positive of every situation” My name is Saber Rostami. I have always loved to push the boundaries of what I am capable of when it comes to coding. I am passionate about creating unique and stunning websites that don't follow your typical ruberic. I strive to learn more about the ever-evolving internet to better myself through experience.I am an uplifter and great at leadership skills. I make sure everyone who is working with me is giving their best and I am always open to change. Communication is another attribute that I have, I am great with interactions, I always talk with a smile which makes other people comfortable to open up. I am a keen learner, learning is something that is going on always for me. I want to grow and improve myself to be better from the person I was yesterday. Moreover I am organized and I can work under stress if I ever have to as I am always prepared. I always look for a positive side of every situation which has helped me to stay mentally relaxed and calm...